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Welcome to the Return Riders of Singapore. the challenge of facing worldwide trip soon. We from a fantastic country having a nice bike-ride a few countries with a challenge in our life to make something better in Style.

Traveling by motorcycle allows you to explore the country at your own pace, visit areas not generally on the regular tourist maps and to have a lot more stories to tell about your trip.

Clearly bicycle tours are more active, and sometimes more interactive than sight-seeing by car, van or bus. But ironically, they may not be any more environmentally-friendly. When 'motorbike tours' haul their clients and equipment with buses and trucks to new locations each day for day-rides and then bus and truck them back to the tourist enclave, the environmental benefit is smudged. Even for itineraries that are primarily by bike, once you calculate the slow-speed miles of the support and gear vehicle (SAG) going back and forth hauling baggage and picking up stragglers, per person fuel consumption can be equivalent to that of the group driving the route.

Let us have a break in life to share some beautiful moments that falls in various parts of this world. Next we speed to....